Office hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
(closed for lunch 12:00pm-1:00pm)

Closed Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.


New Patients

Your First Visit to Our Office

When you call to make an appointment at our office, you will first meet one our friendly office staff. They will help you select a date and time convenient for your appointment. We suggest bringing your spouse or loved one with you. You will be greeted by our staff at your appointment time and asked to complete some data forms. You then will be greeted by Dr. Street who will proceed with a consultation so that he knows you better and he will collect important health information from you.
Depending upon each individual circumstance, he will probably suggest a neurological, orthopedic, chiropractic examination and specific x-ray films on the first visit. If the circumstance of the appointment is not an emergency, Dr. Street will request that you return the next working day for a chiropractic report of findings specifically about you with his recommendations.

Chiropractic Report of Findings and Your Adjustment

On your second appointment you will have a very informative meeting with Dr. Street as he explains his chiropractic finding, reviews your examination, and your x-rays. Dr. Street will present to you his recommended course of chiropractic care necessary to correct the cause of your problem.

You will have a very good understanding of how chiropractic works, the length of care needed and cost factors involved. You then can make the decision of the program you wish to follow. After the Report with Dr. Street, you will receive your first adjustment.

We are aware that each person is an individual, different than anyone else. However, we also know that quality and quantity of all body organ function is in direct proportion to the ability of the brain to communicate with all organs and tissue.
Your brain is the boss of all functions, conscience or un-conscience, your brain, by way of the nerve system, must communicate with all organs and tissues 100%. If there are vertebral displacements, the quality and/or quantity of the nerve impulse and mental impulse will be altered. Loss of function is first a dis-ease, which if not corrected by an adjustment turns to disease. Give us a call!